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Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Also A Google Stadia Launch Title

You might've heard that Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming to PC. Not to be outdone, the Google Stadia team had an announcement of its own regarding Red Dead 2 and its expansion onto new platforms. Not only will Rockstar's 2018 hit make its way to PC next month, it'll also join the Google Stadia catalog of games when that service's Founder's Edition launch happens in November.


Here is the short-but-sweet official word from the folks at Stadia.

This one-hundred-percent makes sense now, in hindsight. We published a list of every confirmed Stadia developer and publisher a few months back, and Rockstar's name was definitely on it. But we might have been assuming at the time that the company planned to port some of its classics over to Google's streaming platform. After all, ports of console-first Rockstar titles have typically taken a very long time to materialize.

Who knew (well, before all of the leaks and such) that Red Dead Redemption 2 would be leaving its console exclusivity behind so soon? And who could've guessed that Red Dead 2 would be the first game Rockstar offered up to Stadia?


Now that Red Dead 2 is galloping toward new platforms — and Rockstar has its own PC launcher, to boot — we could be seeing other Rockstar titles come to Google Stadia at some point in the future. For those who want their Grand Theft Auto fix wherever they go, that could mean a port of GTA 5 to Stadia, or perhaps Stadia versions of every other past GTA titles. We could even see Bully get a ticket punched for Google Stadia.

What we probably won't be seeing anytime soon, unfortunately, is a port of the original Red Dead Redemption, for Stadia or anything else. And that is just sad.

We're still in the dark as to when the Google Stadia Founder's Edition launch is happening next month, but as soon as we have a date we can attach to the event, we'll fill you in.