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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep - How To Quickly Raise Your Power Level To 900

The chase for power is what Destiny 2 is all about, and that hasn't changed now that the Shadowkeep expansion has arrived. You're still searching for killer weapons. You're still after the armor with the best stats. And you're still climbing the power level ladder, trying to get that number as high as it can get.


From the moment you start Destiny 2: Shadowkeep until the moment Season of the Undying ends, you'll be working to increase your power level through various avenues. And fortunately, the climb to power level 900 — the "soft cap" in Shadowkeep — is relatively simple. All you have to do is play the game and earn gear drops normally. Whether it's rare or legendary, gear that drops before power level 900 will help increase your power and will do so all the way until you reach that soft cap.

Is there a way to progress to 900 more quickly, though? There is! As it turns out, completing the Shadowkeep campaign will help you reach power level 900 far more quickly than doing any other activities. During the Shadowkeep story, Eris Morn will send you on several quests to acquire what's called Dreambane armor. And instead of each piece of Dreambane armor dropping one or two levels above your current power, they seem to be dropping 20 or even 30 levels higher, giving your power level an instant boost.


After you obtain your Dreambane armor and complete the rest of the Shadowkeep campaign, you can continue to earn gear drops normally. You can find armor and weapons in world chests, for instance, or receive items as post-activity drops in Strikes, Gambit, or the Crucible. What you should be careful not to do, however, is earn any gear that is considered "Powerful Gear." These are gear drops that help you get above power level 900 and should be saved until you're at power level 900 itself.