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Fallout 5 - What We Know So Far

It's no secret that Fallout 76 wasn't the hit that Bethesda wanted it to be. This multiplayer adventure down the post-apocalyptic country roads of West Virginia was a mess at launch, with the hype train conducted by Todd Howard crashing, burning, and never quiet recovering.

We were disappointed, we want a do-over, and Bethesda might just give us one should they start working on a Fallout 5, a game that might be more of an eventuality than a rumor.

When will Fallout 5 release?

Get comfy in your vaults, because we'll be waiting a good long while before Fallout 5 is released. Bethesda has the good fortune of owning several popular franchises, including The Elder Scrolls. It's likely that we will first be graced with the mythical Elder Scrolls 6 before the fifth installment in the mainline Fallout games comes out.

Where will Fallout 5 take place?

In America, for sure. 1950s Americana is Fallout's bread and nuclear butter, after all, but America is a big place. Some rumors have theorized that the game could take place in the American South, perhaps in a place with history and charm like New Orleans. Maybe we could have radioactive gators in a bombed-out Florida? Who knows? We don't... yet.

Where is the Fallout 5 trailer?

The Fallout 5 trailer might be dropped any time... in the next few years. We're willing to wait, play some Elder Scrolls, and wait a little more for what's sure to be an exciting announcement. Eventually.

What can we expect from Fallout 5?

The words "Fallout 5" haven't been so much as whispered by official Bethesda staff, but considering the success of the franchise – Fallout 76 notwithstanding — Bethesda would be crazy to abandon such a proven goldmine. We're pretty sure we will one day see another crack at a Fallout MMO, and we're absolutely convinced that 76 isn't the last of the Fallout games. 

The next Fallout game will likely be made on a brand-spanking-new engine, and could even use the same engine that Elder Scrolls 6 allegedly will be crafted on for the optimal experience with a whole new dialogue system. Just as VR allowed us to physically punch Radroaches (and hopefully not the living room wall), another full-fledged Fallout will probably have VR support, considering Bethesda's commitment to virtual reality. But really, the possibilities are endless until Bethesda gives us some concrete information regarding the future of Fallout.

Will Fallout 5 be multiplayer?

Bethesda may have learned its lesson when it comes to multiplayer vs single player: they're much more successful at developing single player games. Todd Howard has said that single player is going to be their focus in the future, considering their good track record with single player games... and their meh track record with multiplayer games. It seems that Fallout 76 taught Bethesda a lot of hard lessons.