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Outer Wilds Comes To PlayStation 4 Next Week

Outer Wilds, the enigmatic space explorer from Annapurna Interactive and Mobius Digital, will launch on the PlayStation 4 next week.

The title, which places you in a 22-minute time loop that culminates in the local sun going supernova, released earlier this year for PC and Xbox One. Polygon's Colin Campbell gave Outer Wilds strong marks. "At its core, this is an adventure game, but it defies so simple a classification, mixing itself up with a powerful narrative, satisfying physical challenges and fantastical meta-puzzles," wrote Campbell. "It eschews cheap violence and sprawling systems such as upgrade trees and stats-based progress. It's a genuine original."


As is often the case with space exploration, Outer Wilds is both an awe-inspiring and humbling experience. You explore a vast system of planets without quest markers to guide you in a world that is indifferent to your presence. You're just a drop in a bucket and the solar system doesn't care if you're there or not as it pushes ever closer to its impending destruction.

Mobius uses a real-time simulation of the solar system to challenge you with the dangers and often unforeseen hazards of space. Each time you complete the 22-minute loop, you'll acquire more knowledge you can use during your quest to uncover the secrets of each planet, moon, and space station you encounter. Over time, you'll start to piece together the game's narrative, with every scrap of written lore playing a role in the bigger picture. 


"The 22-minute time loop allows each location in the game to change dramatically and irrevocably as time progresses, allowing players to explore worlds undergoing various cataclysmic events," explained producer Kelsey Rice. "Although these planets are smaller than those in our real universe, they are dense with story and secrets, every location put carefully to use."

Outer Wilds is available now for PC and Xbox One and comes to PlayStation 4 on October 15.