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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep - What Class You Should Play

The question of which class you should play in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is a tough one. Destiny 2 isn't on the deep side of the MMORPG pool with games like World of Warcraft, where choosing one class pretty much shapes whether or not you'll have a DPS character, a support character, or a tank. EVERY character in Destiny 2 does massive amounts of DPS, and all classes have sub-classes that can provide support or tank damage.


There are some differences between the classes, however, and knowing those might help you better decide which one to choose.

Titans are the Guardians you'll find on the front lines. Most of their supers (or ultimates, depending on what you're used to calling them) are close-range attacks. And most of their abilities compliment this play style, as well. Do you want to sprint around the map, spot an enemy, and shoulder charge them right out of existence? You probably want to be a Titan.

Warlocks are all about what the Destiny 2 community refers to as "space magic." Almost every Warlock super and ability feels not just otherworldly, but like it was pulled out of some spell book from some other universe. And Warlocks don't jump through the air like normal Guardians; they float almost effortlessly from one point to another. If you like magic and levitation, Warlocks might be more your speed.


Hunters would be the recon class if Destiny 2 had such a thing. A few subclass perks let them utilize invisibility, for example. One of their supers can essentially serve as a "trap" that snares enemies and applies a debuff to them. And Hunters are wily: all Hunter subclasses have a dodge ability that can quickly help them relocate should trouble present itself. If you like to sneak quietly and — if necessary — shoot quickly, Hunter is the class for you.

And what if all three sound great? Well, Destiny 2 just happens to give you three character slots, which means you can actually run one character of each class, if you so choose. And because weapons can be transferred from one character to another, the process of leveling your second and third characters up won't actually take that long. So you see, you don't actually have to choose at all. You can have one of each. But if you are wondering where to start, we hope we've provided you with enough information to make an informed choice.