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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep - How To Quickly Raise Your Power Level To 950

The Destiny 2: Shadowkeep expansion has introduced a change to the way players chase power in Destiny 2. Once upon a time, players simply went after the drops the game considered "powerful," knowing that such drops would increase their power level and get them ever closer to the level cap. Now the game has four different types of powerful drops, each helping to boost a player's power by a certain number based on the drop's "tier."


So how do you quickly level up your power from 900 to 950? You obtain as many powerful drops as possible while prioritizing those with higher tiers.

For example, completing a certain number of Crucible core matches will reward you with a Tier 1 powerful drop, which grants a +3 armor piece or weapon based on your current power level. If you complete your Vex Offensive requirements for the week, that will grant you a Tier 2 powerful drop, which awards +5 gear. Ikora Rey's "An Arm and a Leg" weekly quest features a Tier 3 +6 reward. And then there are "Pinnacle" powerful drops, like those that come from "The Ordeal" Nightfall strike (when hitting 100,000 points) or the "Garden of Salvation" raid. These award +6 powerful drops, as well.


Here's a rundown of which activities fall into which tiers, and the types of rewards you can expect from them.

Tier 1 (+3 gear): Vanguard bounties, Crucible bounties, Gunsmith bounties, Gambit bounties, Weekly Flashpoint, Crucible Core Matches, Crucible Rotator Matches, Vanguard Strikes (Weekly), Nightfall: "The Ordeal," Nightmare Hunts, Eris Morn Story Missions, Eris Morn Memory Pursuits, Vex Invasion, Clan engrams, Activity rank up packages, exotic engrams, Prime engrams

Tier 2 (+5 gear): Weekly Clan XP contribution, Gambit matches, Exotic gear reward from campaign, "Sai Mota" quest, Symphony of Death exotic quest, Vex Offensive

Tier 3 (+6 gear): "An Arm and a Leg" weekly quest from Ikora Rey

Pinnacle (+6 gear): Nightfall: "The Ordeal" (100,000 points), Legend Glory rank, "Garden of Salvation" raid

Reaching power level 950 will be a bit of a grind (hitting max power in Destiny 2 always is). But now that you know which activities can help the most, you should have no trouble slowly but surely climbing your way up to that point.