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The Final Fantasy 7 Character That Shouldn't Be Remade

The announcement of a Final Fantasy 7 remake has fans excited about seeing their favorite Final Fantasy game with updated graphics and new gaming mechanics (the trailer alone already looks phenomenal). And while we're excited to see this remastered version, there is one character we could probably do without in the FF7 remake. 


Cait Sith is arguably one character in Final Fantasy 7 whose presence doesn't add or detract much from the game. The character design is well done and the links between Cait Sith and Scottish mythology regarding the "Cat Sith" are fascinating. But much like the theory that Indiana Jones is useless to the outcome of The Raiders of the Lost Ark, Cait Sith doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. This isn't to say they aren't a fun character to play. We also acknowledge that the reveal that Reeve is controlling Cait Sith is important to the story. But this could have easily been done without the character. With all the technology he has at his fingertips, Reeve could have found a much better way to spy on our protagonists. 


One argument for Cait Sith's importance in the FF7 game is that he steals the keystone. But, in the end, you don't really need the keystone anyway. You could also argue that Cait Sith sacrifices himself for the group. But when "Cait Sith Number 2" shows up only moments later, the sacrifice loses a lot of its meaning. He does add an interesting personality to the story that the other characters might not have, but overall, if he didn't show up in the remade version of FF7, things would remain largely the same.

One of the biggest reasons this character shouldn't be remade, however, is the fact that his character design would look totally out of place when compared to the hyperrealistic new designs of the other characters. While Cait Sith's usefulness, or lack thereof, can be ignored in the original game, his aesthetic in the new game would just feel too jarring for the overall tone.

Will Square Enix bring Cait Sith back? Final Fantasy 7 Remake comes to PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020. Perhaps we'll find out then.