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Rumor: Fortnite 2 Is Available For Preload In China

Where did Fortnite go? When will it return? What will Fortnite: Chapter 2 be like? These are the questions gripping the gaming world after Fortnite went poof into a black hole. We might have some hint of an answer as to how Fortnite will return, bigger than ever, if the rumor that the preload size is a whooping 13 GB is to be believed. 


This rumor comes from Chinese accounts, with various screenshots alleging that the new Fortnite will be available there on Oct. 15. Even more screenshots have come forward with instructions as to how players can preload the game, which — for console anyway — seems to be around 13 GB. This is a significant number because the console version of Fortnite that we know and love is only around 10 to 12 GBs, depending on whether you're an Xbox fan or a PlayStation player. 

This is shaping up to be a huge update according to these rumors. For many anxious players awaiting the return of Fortnite, this seems to confirm the idea that Fortnite: Chapter 2 will feature a whole new map. Fortnite has managed to make its map an ever-changing place with new, often earth-shaking events reshaping the world with each season. A brand new map would revolutionize the game, bringing in a whole new experience that not even the most weathered of players (looking at you, Ninja) could anticipate. A new map might make the great #FortniteBlackout of 2019 worth the wait. 


It's unlikely that Epic Games will make us wait much longer, considering the fact that this suspension of service is essentially costing them money. And yet, the #FortniteBlackout is perhaps the best kind of viral marketing campaign for the next chapter of Fortnite, trending on Twitter and capturing the attention of people everywhere. We're not sure exactly what to expect when Fortnite comes back... but it's going to be big. 13 GB big, perhaps.