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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint - How To Change Class

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint does not limit you to a single class, instead allowing you to switch between them for tactical purposes. Each centers on a different playstyle, ranging from stealth to sheer offensive power, and you'll unlock incremental ability bonuses as you progress through the game. The shooter launched with four classes: assault, sharpshooter, panther, and field medic. Ubisoft has shared plans to include additional classes further down the line.

You can't switch classes directly from the main menu. Instead, you'll need to head to a biovauc, one of the temporary camps scattered around the map. To find a biovauc, keep an eye out for thin plumes of smoke in the distance. You can also uncover these locations through intelligence gathering, either from reading notepads encountered in facilities or by talking to the residents of the island. Simply approach a local and look for the intel symbol.

Once you've reached a biovauc, you can perform a variety of actions, such as crafting items, purchasing gear, restoring stamina, and switching between classes. To do the latter, open the biovauc menu and select the "Tactics" tab. It's important to note that you must first purchase classes with skill points before you can take advantage of them. In Breakpoint, your strategy, preparations, and class selection can mean the difference between victory and defeat, so it's important to to visit a biovauc and plan your approach. The camps also act as fast travel points and allow you to rest, moving through the game's day and night cycle, so you should prioritize hunting them down to make moving around the island and completing objectives easier.