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Anthem's Halloween-Inspired Season Of Skulls Is Now Live

If Anthem launched a new season of content, would you notice? Perhaps the better question is, did you? Because Anthem has indeed kicked off its Season of Skulls, which centers around a Halloween-style activity of the same name. And so far, it appears the crowd has gone mostly mild.


The Season of Skulls activity sounds an awful lot like a horde mode, enabling you to "take on formidable arenas filled with enemies" and "master them for your chance to climb this season's leaderboards." The SoS arenas will also feature inversions (much like players experienced during the Cataclysm) that turn on modifiers and add some variety and replayability to the encounter.

And of course, there will be loot to earn throughout the Season of Skulls. The Anthem website states that players will be awarded a currency called Crystals that can be used to purchase War Chests and other types of gear at Herschel's Hut in Fort Tarsis. And interestingly, Anthem looks to be offering new cosmetics as in-game rewards rather than microtransactions. That right there? That's actually a solid move.


So, what do you need to get started in Anthem's Season of Skulls? Well first, you'll need to remember which drawer you shoved your Anthem disc into. We're kidding. You'll actually need to have completed the Incursion story in the game so that you'll have unlocked the Echoes of Reality level. After that, you're good to go. "There are no level requirements for the Season of Skulls content," according to EA, so most players who've been keeping up with the game's single-player content should be able to jump into Season of Skulls without delay.

Is there enough here to make coming back worthwhile, or to keep you around if you do choose to check things out? That remains to be seen. While it's admirable the team at BioWare is keeping the game alive, the lack of buzz around this event is concerning. We hope for Anthem's sake that Season of Skulls is actually good and that players find some value in it. The game's had a rough go of it these past few months.