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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep - How To Use The Gate Lord's Eye Artifact

It helps to think of Destiny 2's Seasonal Artifact like an experimental test bed for new ideas in the game. How would it be if players could use a Finisher and get a guaranteed heavy ammo drop in exchange for half their super energy? In Season of the Undying, a Seasonal Artifact called the Gate Lord's Eye can let it happen ... but only for a limited time. Once a new season starts, the previous Seasonal Artifact goes away, along with the mods it contained.


Now you may be wondering: how do you use the Gate Lord's Eye? Like many things in Destiny 2, it's not exactly straightforward. But once you get the swing of how to use this Seasonal Artifact, you'll be building your character around its various mods in no time.

To start, you'll have to level Destiny 2's Season Pass up to Tier 7. At that point, you'll gain access to the Gate Lord's Eye Seasonal Artifact itself. You'll then want to concentrate on earning XP in the game so that you can "level up" the Gate Lord's Eye and earn mod unlocks. Unlocking a certain number of mods will open up a new column, which itself has more mods. And if you play long enough, you'll eventually earn a total of 12 mod unlocks, which you can use on the 25 mods found on the Gate Lord's Eye.


It's important to note: you won't be able to unlock more than one mod in the last column of the Gate Lord's Eye unless you "reset" the Artifact. This costs 10,000 glimmer on the first go, and the price to reset increases the more you do so.

As for how you use the mods you've unlocked via the Gate Lord's Eye, you can apply them to weapons and armor, just as you do with the normal mods found in the game. The difference is, when the end of the season rolls around, the Gate Lord's Eye mods will disappear. On the bright side, you'll get a new Seasonal Artifact at the start of the next season with new mods to unlock.