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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep - How To Get Bright Dust

Destiny 2, for reasons that will soon become clear, has two different currencies for microtransactions. One, called Silver, can be purchased with real-world money and can be used to purchase cosmetics from the game's Eververse store. Another, called Bright Dust, can be earned by simply playing the game and can also be used to purchase cosmetics from the game's Eververse store.


The difference may not surprise you: only a limited amount of items are on sale for Bright Dust. Most of the Eververse inventory in Destiny 2 is instead sold for Silver. Still, you may be wondering: how do you get Bright Dust in Destiny 2? It's actually pretty darn easy.

Weekly bounties from vendors in the Tower are a very easy way to earn Bright Dust. So you can head on over to Lord Shaxx (who looks after the Crucible), for instance, pick up his two weekly bounties, and complete them for a helping of Bright Dust. The same can be done for bounties from Commander Zavala (who oversees Vanguard operations like strikes) and The Drifter (who runs Gambit).

And Destiny 2's Season Pass also grants several opportunities to earn Bright Dust drops by reaching certain tiers. There are Bright Dust awards available in both the free track and the paid track of the Season Pass; unfortunately, you don't get a whole lot using this method, so it's not something you should count on if you want to purchase something especially expensive.


Unfortunately, a change made at the start of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep means that Eververse items no longer dismantle into Bright Dust. So if you've exhausted your weekly bounties in the Tower and you have no more Season Pass Bright Dust drops to earn, you're basically out of luck until the weekly reset happens and you're able to pick up new bounties.

Of course, you could purchase some Silver if you really want something. And now you likely understand why Bungie changed Destiny 2's microtransactions to operate in this way.