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Dota Underlords' Big Update Will Add New Heroes And Alliances

As Dota Underlords creeps towards the conclusion of its Beta period, Valve has shared some information about what it's termed "The Big Update," including the addition of new heroes and alliances.

First up is the new Healer alliance which includes Enchantress, Warlock, Omniknight, Necrophos, and new hero Dazzle. Two-tier troll healer Dazzle has the ability to unleash arcs of power that heal teammates and harm nearby enemies. The Healer alliance bonus amplifies all friendly healing when active.


The creepy crawly Insects alliance is also on the way. Three new heroes will join Sand King: tier two insect hunter Weaver, tier one insect assassin Nyx Assassin, and tier four insect warlock Broodmother. When the Insect bonus is active, spiderlings will swarm enemies from the side of board. Enemies bitten by spiderlings will then have a chance to miss their attacks. Here's a breakdown of the new Insect heroes' abilities:


  • Shukuchi: Weaver shifts out of visibility, becoming untargetable, and moves through targets dealing damage to each enemy it passes.

Nyx Assassin

  • Spiked Carapace: Nyx Assassin pops spikes out of its carapace, negating and reflecting damage dealt as well as stunning the source of the damage.
  • Vendetta: After teleporting, Nyx Assassin deals bonus damage on his next attack and applies BREAK to the enemy disabling all passive effects. 


  • Spin Web: Broodmother spins a web on top of an enemy unit. Enemies in the web lose attack speed, movement speed, and cast speed.

Based on a post from the developer back in September, The Big Update will release at some point in October and include 2 playable Underlords, the Duos team mode, 6 new Heroes, 3 new Alliances, and an updated user interface. This means the official launch of the game is imminent. Valve has promised more information about the new heroes and alliances in the days to come.