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Massively Overleveled Pokemon Will Lurk In Sword & Shield's Wild Area

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield's Wild Area is the first real "open world" we'll be able to experience in a mainline Pokemon game. Together with their Pokemon, trainers are free to wander, camp, and catch wild Pokemon in that space. Some of those wild Pokemon, however, will apparently be wildly powerful. 


This report comes from Eurogamer, which was able to go hands-on with the games prior to release (we're jealous). According to the report, the outlet was treated to the nasty surprise of a Level 50 Pokemon encountered in the Wild Area, which made quick work of the wimpy, Level 6 Pokemon found on the Eurogamer squad. The in-game narrative always warns trainers to beware of wild Pokemon, stating it's dangerous to travel without a Pokemon of your very own. And some professors have been known to get attacked by wild Poochyanas, after all. But this appearance of an overleveled Pokemon in the wild is a wholly new mechanic; usually the Pokemon encountered in the tall grass are around the same level as your own team of Pokemon. 


This phenomenon reportedly happens at random. Take a wrong turn and you might find yourself in the "wrong part" of the Wild Area, where these big, bad Pokemon hang out. You may want to try to take on a powerhouse Pokemon for the boost in experience and leveling. And perhaps you'll be successful and find yourself with a level 50 Snorlax among your itty bitty, underleveled Pokemon. More likely, though, you'll get your whole team wiped out, and you'll be forced to return later after some grinding. 

This seems like a welcome change after all the controversy surrounding recent Pokemon games. Many veteran players have felt that titles like Sun and Moon, and certainly the Let's Go! games, were dumbed-down and hand-holdy. This new mechanic presents an unprecedented challenge that seems anything but easy. Be careful out there, trainers! You never know what's lurking in the tall grass.