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Warframe's The Old Blood Update Will Add The Insatiable Grendel

Digital Extremes has shared the content slated to arrive in Warframe's next update, The Old Blood, including a new Warframe, a Melee Phase 2 rework, revamped ability kits for Vauban and Ember, and new gear and customizations.


A new trailer highlights Grendel, The Devourer's many, er, charms. "Feasting on enemies like his own personal buffet, his hunger for battle is primal." His kit centers on swallowing enemies whole to gain bonus armor, then consuming them to grant ally buffs or vomiting them back up as toxic projectiles. Yum.

The Old Blood will introduce Phase 2 of Digital Extremes' ongoing melee rework. Warframe players can check out new combat techniques, such as heavy attacks for melee weapons, and melee attacks while in mid-air. Certain melee attacks will also have the ability to lift opponents into the air, rendering them vulnerable to follow-up strikes. The devs are adding "more intuitive combos" for Melee Stances, along with a Combo Counter rework and smoother combo transitions. Manual blocking and a full Melee-only attack state will return, and melee weapons will be rebalanced.


Both Vauban and Ember will receive kit reworks. "Vauban's Kit allows for crowd control on the go and introduces a suite of new offensive capabilities, including the devastating Orbital Strike. Ember's Kit synergises around her new Immolation Meter, which grants her some much-needed survivability and increases her firepower," wrote the team. "We hope these changes strike a balance between adding exciting new features and facelifting old favorites."

The update will also deliver new cosmetics, gear, and customizations. You can snag Titania Deluxe which comes with Deluxe Skins for her Dex Pixia and Diwata Exalted Weapons, a Gunblade Weapon Skin and a set of Titania Armor. The Grendel Collection will arrive with the new Warframe, as well as some other Tenno-inspired pieces and the vampiric Vasca Kavat.

The Old Blood update has yet to receive a release date but you can expect it to arrive "soon" for PC and console.