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How Old Will Ellie Be In The Last Of Us 2?

Ellie has one of those faces that seems perpetually young. She stops seeming like a naive little kid the moment she opens her mouth, however. She's sassy, smart-mouthed, headstrong, and admittedly wise beyond her years. We suppose growing up in a post-apocalyptic wasteland will do that to you.


Ellie was just thirteen going on fourteen during the events The Last of Us. But how old will she be in The Last of Us: Part 2?

In the first game, Ellie was very much a teenager, prone to sulking and insisting that she didn't need babysitting. It was true that she could handle herself pretty well, but Joel nevertheless became a father figure to her, allowing her to be a kid every now and again. She was born after humanity was infected with the deadly, transformative Cordyceps fungus, so she never really got to have a true-blue childhood. 

In the much-anticipated sequel, The Last of Us: Part 2, Ellie is a little more grown up. She still has that fresh face that makes her look like she could still be a kid, but she is technically an adult now. In the sequel, Ellie is 19, and has been growing up in relative peace within the settlement where Joel and his brother Tommy live in Wyoming. She made friends her own age, too, including Dina, who Ellie wants to be a little more than friendly with.


Somewhere along the way, Ellie got a tattoo to cover up the scar that marks her as immune. Rather than teeth marks, she has a moth resting on ferns covering her arm. Let's hope she got the tattoo when she was older, rather than younger. What did Joel think?

And Joel is looking really gray in his mid-50's, but he was already graying years ago before he had even met Ellie.

The Last of Us: Part 2 comes to PlayStation 4 on Feb. 21, 2020.