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Will Halo Infinite Have A Battle Royale Mode?

These days, if a shooting game is being released, people are always curious about whether or not it'll have a battle royale mode. With Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds being such hugely popular titles in the gaming community, it only makes sense that other games would want to capitalize on the trend. Will Halo Infinite follow suit and give fans their very own Halo inspired battle royale?


That depends on who you ask.

A recent video published by industry insider Brad Sams stated that Halo Infinite will definitely include a battle royale mode. Sams told viewers that the mode, according to a source, wouldn't be a straight copy of Fornite or Apex Legends, but would have its own spin. And while Sams seemed very confident, some very important people at 343 Industries (the studio behind Halo Infinite) said the rumor just isn't true.

Frank O'Connor, the director for Halo, has stated over and over again that there will not be a battle royale mode in Halo Infinite. Most recently, in response to the Brad Sams video, O'Connor wrote a lengthy response on the forum ResetEra again confirming there would be no battle royale mode in Halo Infinite. O'Connor told fans that if the Halo franchise ever included a battle royale mode, that's all it would be: a mode. He wanted to make sure gamers knew there wouldn't be an entire game dedicated to battle royale, because that's simply not the direction the series is going in. 


Because there's still so much time before Halo Infinite is released, and because battle royale games are only rising in popularity, it's possible that a battle royale mode might be included down the line. There are skeptics who think O'Connor is simply using clever wording because 343 won't be calling the mode "battle royale," but will instead label it differently. If this is true, O'Connor should win an award for the long con he's been playing with fans, as he's dodged rumors of a battle royale mode for years now. But even if we aren't sure we can trust O'Connor, we can at least state confidently that, according to the official word, there is no battle royale mode in Halo Infinite.