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WWE 2K20 Is An Absolute Glitch Fest

2K Games made a huge change to its WWE 2K franchise this year, parting ways with longtime developer Yuke's while passing development duties to the usually solid Visual Concepts. Most believed that the latest entry in the series, WWE 2K20, would be in capable hands thanks to Visual Concepts' history with the NBA 2K franchise. Unfortunately, that's not been the case.


Instead, WWE 2K20 is a glitch-riddled disaster.

Players on Reddit have compiled a long list of issues they've encountered in the game, which range from somewhat minor to, "Wow, how did that make it past quality assurance?" And some of them are downright hilarious. For instance, the game appears to be handling online tag team matches incorrectly, partnering you with an opponent instead of your chosen ally. Taunting the referee while he or she is counting a pin will cause them to freeze. Sometimes, your entrance music will just never stop playing. And you can actually cause the game to crash by using custom outfits on some wrestlers.

The worst thing about WWE 2K20, though, might just be the graphics. Visual Concepts typically knocks it out of the park when it comes to the graphics in the NBA 2K series. The wrestlers in WWE 2K20, however, look downright awful. And if you want proof, look no further than The Rock.


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is The Rock — the highest paid actor in Hollywood — looking more like a custom character creation than the crown jewel of the WWE enterprise. How on earth does something like this happen? If you ask us, it seems like Visual Concepts didn't get a lot of heads up before being handed yet another franchise to work on. WWE 2K20 looks thrown together, at best, and 2K's decision to sell a game like this is both insulting to longtime fans of the series and insulting to the WWE.

We'll let you know if any major fixes come to WWE 2K20 in the near future. We're expecting quite a few of them.