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Black Desert's Halloween Update Brings Back Isabella The Black Witch

Black Desert has embraced the 'Trick or Treat' concept in its free Halloween update, bringing a host of mischievous encounters and goodies to the game.

For spending time in Black Desert, the devs will reward you with varying amounts of Halloween coins, candy baskets, and cookies you can exchange for Halloween gift boxes. These limited-time items contain loot that can boost your character's skills and equipment. Candy baskets and cookies can be traded for specific items, including Kzarka's Sealed Weapon Box, Advice of Valks, Giath's helmet, and Red Noses' armor. You can also spend your Halloween coins on items including Fine Accessory Box, Sharp Black Crystal Shard, and Cron Stone.


The GMs have decided to get in on the spirit of the holiday with special Golden Bells events. At a pre-determined time, a GM will run from Bartali Farm to the Velia Arena with Golden Bells in their possession. If you manage to catch them and beat them in combat, all servers will receive an experience boost. These challenges will be announced in advance, so keep an eye on upcoming server information.

As per tradition, Isabella the Black Witch makes her harrowing return today. The formidable foe will spawn at a fixed time in-game. With her XP shared across all servers, Black Desert players will have to band together to defeat Isabella. Those who assist in the takedown have a chance to obtain special items including the Witch's Bloody Brooch, Halloween Gift Box, Pumpkin Gift Box, Silver and more.


Originally released for Windows, the console versions of the MMO launched earlier this year. The title has received fairly mixed reviews since its debut with its open world, wealth of side activities, and robust character creator marred by endless technical issues, dull quests, and high learning curve. Lucas White of PlayStation LifeStyle named it "The Dark Souls of Grinding," pointing out that, while Black Desert has a lot going for it, it's something of a beautiful mess.

Black Desert is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.