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Death Stranding Includes A Cameo From Late Night Host Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien can be found on TBS these days, which means you probably haven't heard from the late night talk show host in a number of years. But make no mistake: he's still at it, interviewing celebrities and such. And now he's appearing in Death Stranding, because it seems Hideo Kojima wants every famous person to have a cameo in his new game.


O'Brien's character, according to a tweet from Kojima early this morning, is a prepper named "The Wandering MC." Preppers in Death Stranding are individuals who live in bunkers, and are often the recipients of deliveries made by the game's main character, Sam. What significance does the name "The Wandering MC" have, and what does the "MC" part stand for? That we honestly don't know. A bit of video highlighting O'Brien's cameo doesn't shed any light on this mystery, either.


We know what you're probably thinking: that was some cringe worthy dialogue. Is Death Stranding purposely trying to make O'Brien seem unfunny? We imagine O'Brien's lines are written that way on purpose, in order to really drive the point home that this character is "funny," and that the person playing the character is a comedian. Humor is also notoriously tough to pull off in video games, so before you knock the cameo, ask yourself this: can you name more than one or two scenes in games that are actually funny?

For what it's worth, O'Brien's character won't appear in Death Stranding for the heck of it. He actually gives the player what appears to be a very useful (yet silly looking) item called the Sea Otter Suit. This suit makes traversing the bodies of water in Death Stranding much easier.

We will almost certainly have more Death Stranding news coming in as we get closer to the game's Nov. 8 release date. Stay tuned.