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How Long Does It Take To Beat The Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel 3?

Do you want to get positively lost in an enormous RPGThe Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3 recently launched on PlayStation 4, and as far as the reviews are concerned, this is a big, big game. Like, if you start playing this one, you probably won't be playing anything else for a really long time.


Over at The Sixth AxisThe Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 3 is considered an 80 hour experience. Push Square seemed to agree, stating that it took roughly 80 hours to complete the game's campaign. Metro, for some reason, decided to compare the length of the game's story to War and Peace, remarking that it took about ten more hours to beat Trails of Cold Steel 3 than it would take the average person to read Tolstoy's classic (read: about 57 hours). Then the website RPG Gamer came through with a time that made more sense: 80 hours, the same as just about everyone else.

We're half tempted to toss out the Metro time, as it doesn't quite line up with what everyone else had to say about Trails of Cold Steel 3's campaign. But that's not how averages work. So, with all of the numbers taken into account, it'll take the average player close to 75 hours to beat the game. It's an RPG, which means everyone will go at their own pace and take the journey in their own way, so let's just say you can expect to sink between 70 to 80 hours into Trails of Cold Steel 3. Sound good?


Unfortunately, we have a bit of bad news. This being a massive roleplaying game, you're almost certainly going to find some optional content in the way of side quests and other things to do see and do. But we haven't seen any reviews mention how long the game might be for a completionist. This is likely due to the sheer size of the title, and the fact that reviewers barely had enough time to play through the story alone before the game's release. But we thought it important for you to know that you'll probably find more stuff to do in Trails of Cold Steel 3: we just don't know how much.

Will the game receive DLC at some point? We're not sure. But as soon as we hear something about some other content coming this latest Legend of Heroes title, we'll let you know.