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Ring Of Elysium Season 6 Adds New Characters And Adventurer Pass

Season 6 of Ring of Elysium, the battle royale game from Tencent Games, has arrived, bringing fresh characters, a revamped loadout system, a new Adventurer Pass, and more.

Tactical Evolution, the latest Adventurer Pass, spans the 10-week season. Much like other battle royale games, the Adventurer Pass allows you to earn in-game rewards by leveling up Adventurer Tiers. The pass costs 950 E-points and rewards 1500 E-points upon hitting Tier 97. A free version of the pass is also available, allowing all players to receive bonuses for increasing their Adventurer Tiers. According to the development team, rewards received through the Adventurer Pass do not affect the game balance.


Season 6 adds three new Adventurer Characters: Ookami, Mobula, and Sakura. Each comes with a variety of styles that will gradually unlock as you level up your Adventurer Pass. You can expect player portraits, glider appearances, BMX appearances, grappling hook appearances, lobby music, loading screens, and more. Anyone who purchases the Adventurer Pass will receive the base styles for Ookami and Mobula, as well as access to exclusive weekly challenges.

Under the revamped loadout system, you can select one traversal equipment (glider, BMX, or grappling hook), one tactical ability (deployable shield, holographic decoy, medgun, drone, vehicle mod kit, or the DPV), and one starting weapon (Glock 17, Desert Eagle, and Citori) at the beginning of each game. For a more detailed breakdown of the six tactical abilities, including the new deployable shield, holographic decoy, and medgun, head over to the official Ring of Elysium website.


You'll also have the chance to explore Season 6's new landmarks. The picturesque Ema Island boasts rows of bountiful cherry blossom trees and Japanese architecture. There's also an off-shore drilling platform and tidal power station for you to tackle. Additionally, Tencent is offering lots of bonuses to kick off the season, including: a supporter reward pack for purchasing E-Points, an exclusive daily chest for Adventurer Pass owners, and a Season 6 Adventurer Welcome Gift Box just for logging in.

Ring of Elysium is available now for PC.