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The Best Companion In The Outer Worlds Isn't What You'd Think

It's nice to have a friend on your side as you explore The Outer Worlds. It's especially nice when you're pinned down by a horde of enemies. Any one of the six companions available in the game will prove to be useful to you, but it appears that players are taking a particular shine to an unlikely friend: SAM the cleaning robot. Yes, you read that right. 


SAM stands for Sanitation and Maintenance. He's a glorified tank of a janitor, destroying dust and tough stains aboard The Unreliable. That's a worthy enough cause, but SAM will do even more than that: he'll gladly follow you around on your own adventures and use some... unconventional methods to "clean up" your enemies. He sprays them with acid (you know, to really scour those persistent stains), and he also has a special attack called Decontaminate, in which he flies into the air and stomps your enemies into oblivion. Look out for acid splashing around.

And SAM is useful to have around outside of fights, too. He's big, and just a little bit scary, so he'll intimidate anyone you're in conversation with, which might just come in handy when it comes to NPCs who give you a hard time.


SAM can be found tidying up The Unreliable. To make him your buddy, you'll need to find a replacement part for his faulty Acid Steeper. Once he's fixed up, he's all yours. And one the best things about SAM is the fact that he is a robot. You don't have to worry about hurting his feelings or making him do something that's against his beliefs. SAM's only belief is that the world should be a cleaner place, something we can sympathize with.

Unlike all the other companions in The Outer Worlds, SAM has an uncomplicated backstory and a mind (motherboard?) totally open to any of your suggestions. Sure, he's not the best at conversations, so maybe he's best for players who are all attack and no talk. Consider taking him along on your next adventure!