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Apple Arcade Adds Five New Games

Apple Arcade has added five new games to its growing catalog. Players can now enjoy Fallen Knight, Yaga, Lifelike, Hogwash, and Tales of Memo as part of the $4.99 monthly subscription service. Here's what we know about each new Apple Arcade game so far.

Apple Arcade: Fallen Knight

In Fallen Knight, you play as Lancelot, one of the legendary knights of the Round Table. The side-scroller gives the classic tale of King Arthur a modern twist, dropping you into a futuristic setting to combat a terrorist organization. Uncover the city's dark secret as you work your way through six stages, culminating in one of Fallen Knight's multiple endings.

Apple Arcade: Yaga

Yaga, an RPG from Versus Evil, places you in the role of Ivan, a one-handed blacksmith caught between the machinations of an envious Czar, a manipulative witch, and the grandmother who wants him to settle down and take a wife. Inspired by Slavic folklore and ancient Pagan beliefs, your choices affect the way the game plays out as you build a reputation, uncover secrets, and collect powerful artifacts and talismans.

Apple Arcade: Lifelike

Described as a "mesmeric particle symphony," Lifelike focuses on the concept of undivided attention, a core aspect of most meditation practices. Designed to foster a calming and joyful experience, the game soothes the soul through ambient color soundscapes, letting you drift along with its swarms of friendly, amoeba-like creatures.

Apple Arcade: Tales of Memo

Tales of Memo casts you as Memo, a fox on a mission to save his homeland. An old-school memory card game, you'll work your way across a frozen wasteland, defeating the enemies you encounter by solving memory puzzles.

Apple Arcade: Hogwash

The aptly named Hogwash lets you choose between playing a farmhand struggling to keep his farm running smoothly or the pigs who want to cover it with mud. At its core, the barnyard game functions as a 3v1 multiplayer, though you also have the option to save or destroy the farm via Hogwash's single-player and online multiplayer modes.