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Rumor: Square Enix Might Be Working On A New Kingdom Hearts Title

There is something Kingdom Hearts related going on behind closed doors at Square Enix. While we don't know what that might be exactly, there have been some rather telling job postings for "HD development of the Kingdom Hearts series."


Here's what that could mean: there is a DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3 called, in true Kingdom Hearts fashion, Re:Mind coming this winter. Considering how soon the release of this extra story is, it feels unlikely that these newly hired UI designers, effect designers, and technical artists at Square Enix's Osaka studio will be working on Re:Mind.

And the phrase "HD development of the Kingdom Hearts series" certainly stands out. Aren't all games these days in HD? Just about every Kingdom Hearts game has been remastered at one point or another in order for players to continue their adventures in the world of Disney on newer consoles, with The Story So Far collection for the PlayStation 4 covering all the relevant games that preceded the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts 3. So this leaves us to wonder if there is a top secret, on-the-down-low Kingdom Hearts project in the works.


There hasn't been any official indication of a new Kingdom Hearts project, despite these job listings. But the same thing happened over at Nintendo: there were a few telltale calls for terrain designers before the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was finally unveiled. Perhaps this is a similar situation with Square Enix gatherings new staff in anticipation for the development of a still unannounced Kingdom Hearts title. 

The series is no stranger to half-sequels like Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, which tell extra stories that don't quite warrant a whole new mainline game. Will we get one of those? Or maybe even a  full-fledged sequel? It took almost fifteen years for Square Enix to release Kingdom Hearts 3. Maybe we'll see a Kingdom Hearts 4 in 2035.