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Teen Fortnite Pro Swatted During Championship Series

Another Fortnite pro and Twitch streamer has been targeted by swatters, leaving some to wonder if there is any way to truly keep streamers — especially those who are extremely well known — protected from these potentially dangerous incidents.


The recipient of the police visit this time around was Cody "Clix" Conrad, a 14-year-old Fortnite professional who happened to be playing in the Fortnite Championship Series at the time. The swat called in on Clix's home forced the pro to dip out of the match he was playing early; fortunately, there were no reports of he or anyone else in his family being hurt.

After the incident, Clix took to Twitter to make his unhappiness known, tweeting, "Swatting is so disgusting, whats the point of it." There's no word yet at this time whether Epic Games will make some kind of rule change in the Championship Series for those who have to leave early due to swatting. It seems like a thing we really shouldn't need, but unfortunately, swatting seems like a thing that's becoming more commonplace.


Fortnite solos champion Bugha was also swatted recently

And Clix isn't the only Fortnite pro to have been on the receiving end of a swat call recently.

Back in August, Fortnite solos champion Bugha was swatted during a stream, learning from his father that several armed police offers were outside and ready to enter his home. No one was hurt during that incident, either, and thank goodness. But other swatting targets may not be so lucky in the future. There's already one reported case of a man being shot to death after being swatted and having police come to his home. And as time goes on — and the consequences of swatting remain opaque — we could see the practice increase in frequency.


Hopefully that isn't the case. If we hear more about any other streamers or pro gamers being swatted, however, we'll fill you in.