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Speedrunner Zips Through The Outer Worlds In Under An Hour

The Outer Worlds isn't exactly a fast-paced game. There are hundreds of NPCs with lines and lines of fully acted dialogue. And yet, one speedrunner ran through the whole of the game in about 30 minutes. That's right: someone completed this massive, world-hopping madcap space adventure in about the same amount of time as a Cowboy Bebop episode. 


The speedrunning space cowboy in question goes by Jabo on Twitch, which is where he streamed his ultra-fast playthrough of Obsidian's latest hit. Jabo is a veteran speedrunner, and it really shows in his playthrough of The Outer Worlds. He's calm, cool, and collected as he breezes past cutscenes and gets down to the nitty gritty of the gameplay. He sprints at all times and walks past enemies where he can. He wraps up his time in the Emerald Vale, the starting planet, in under six minutes. For comparison's sake, some players hang out there for hours, enjoying the scenery and the dialogue. 

Speedrunning started in platforming games, but now even games that are heavy on narrative are just as likely to be played through at breakneck speed. We reported earlier this month that the Dragon Age: Inquisition speed running record had been broken by a newbie to the speedrunning scene. Jabo's run in The Outer Worlds shows that speed and determination will get you pretty far, so long as you know what you're doing. He takes a lot of shortcuts and vaults over obstacles with the ease of a player who has been there and done that many times before.


The Outer Worlds is definitely not made to be played in such a way, but Jabo makes it look easy. Now, who wants to take a shot at Jabo's record?

The Outer Worlds is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.