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PlayStation 4 Has Now Outsold The Wii (But Still Trails The PS2)

Who knew, when Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4 in 2013, that it would become such a powerhouse? Not only has the PS4 been soundly beating the Xbox One this generation, it's actually managed to do something even more impressive: it's sold more units than the Nintendo Wii.


According to Sony's latest financials, the company has sold 102.8 million PS4s worldwide. That's over a million more units than Nintendo's Wii, which at last count, sat somewhere around 101.63 million units sold. That's rather unbelievable if you think about it: the Wii was such a phenomenon, installing itself into the homes of people who didn't even consider themselves gamers. That system had mass appeal in the realest sense, so it's truly something to see the PS4 surpass it.

It means the video game industry is growing. And it kind of makes you wonder: if the PlayStation 4 is "for the players," and is aimed at the more hardcore gamers in the world, how would something like the Wii sell today, aiming at the broadest possible audience?


The PlayStation 4 still trails the PS2 in sales

As hot as the PlayStation 4 has been this generation, it still doesn't hold a candle to the insane seller that was the PlayStation 2. Back in 2013, Sony revealed that the company had sold over 158 million PS2s worldwide, setting a bar that no other console has ever come close to.


The PlayStation 2 launched in 2000 and had nearly 13 years to accumulate those sales. Is it possible we'll see the PlayStation 4 reach that count by, say, 2026? We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime, we have plenty of other PlayStation consoles to look forward to, including the upcoming PlayStation 5, which launches in Holiday 2020.

We'll update you with any other PlayStation news that comes down the pipeline.