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Will The Outer Worlds Have DLC?

The truth is, we're not sure if Obsidian's The Outer Worlds will feature DLC. The developers haven't said anything as of yet, but players feel sure that there are more adventures in store for The Outer Worlds. It is, after all, a fairly short game as compared to other RPGs. 


The game is set up in a way that could easily support DLC content. New areas, heck, even new planets could be added to the map with ease. Even without new areas, we're sure that Obsidian could fashion together some more missions on the planets and ships we've come to know through our various misadventures. That's one of the great things about The Outer Worlds: it has a rich, ever-expanding narrative that players have greatly enjoyed exploring. While it is not an open world game, it's big enough for hours upon hours of gameplay. 

Fans have started speculating that the DLC may just be under our collective noses. In the star system of The Outer Worlds, there are several unexplorable gas giants. You can't exactly venture to these planets, seeing as they're made of highly reactive, incredibly dangerous gases. But hey, this is a science fiction game: anything is possible. If we can run around with laser guns battling giant, floating mantises, then we can probably risk a ride to one of these big, lonely planets. With enough imagination, anything is possible, right? 


The game has been hugely celebrated following its release, with fans praising the RPG for its immersive world, inventive dialogue, and downright fun gameplay. Even after a 30 hour main campaign, we're hungry for more of the wonderful world of The Outer Worlds. Hopefully Obsidian will be dishing out some DLC in the coming months. Should that happen, we'll keep you posted on all things Outer Worlds.