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Dauntless Overrun By Shadow Cult In Haunted Shadows Update

Halloween has come to Dauntless in the form of a free seasonal update, ushering in a new Hunter Pass, new faction, and spooky cosmetics, emotes, and more.

Dark Harvest is in full swing in Dauntless, keeping Ramsgate in perpetual darkness. As if the unending night weren't enough, strange glyphs have started appearing around the city. These cryptic messages are the work of the Unseen, a shadow cult whose roots date back to the Upheaval. Caution is advised when roaming the gloomy streets. You never know who–or what–you'll encounter.


To combat the Unseen, Phoenix Labs has launched the Haunted Shadows Hunter Pass. The pass introduces a new faction: the Night Hunters. Players on both the Basic and Elite tracks have the opportunity to earn a full set of Night Hunter cosmetic armour. Elite Slayers can also unlock a prestigious set of Ultra Armour at Elite Track Level 50. Other rewards, such as the the "Ghost of a Dog" emote, are also up for grabs. For the full list of Haunted Shadows rewards, keep an eye on the official Hunt Pass page.

You'll find lots of new seasonal cosmetics, emotes, and other swag in the Dauntless Store. PlayStation 4 players also have until November 5 to collect the Unseen emote and laughing pumpkin flare for free. It's unclear whether this offer is open to PC and Xbox One users.


The October 31 patch also introduces some quality of life improvements. All hunts now include an AFK kick timer that will return Slayers who go idle for three minutes to Ramsgate, freeing the rest of the party to complete the hunt at an appropriate challenge level. The compass has been modified to be easier to read, highlighting important icons while de-emphasizing less critical ones. Finally, The Patrol Chest ON/OFF toggle will now remember your previous choice instead of defaulting to ON with every new patrol hunt. Check out all the changes and bug fixes in the official patch notes.