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Blizzard Devs See 'Great Opportunity' For A StarCraft 3

Could we get a StarCraft 3 someday? Conventional wisdom says no, the second game is doing just fine. But that's not stopping the developers behind StarCraft 2 from hoping they'll get to work on a third title.


In a brief interview with PC Gamer, Blizzard's Tim Morton (the production director on StarCraft 2) and Kevin Dong (the game's co-op designer) addressed the possibility of StarCraft 3 becoming a real thing someday.

"The best way for us to figure out our future," Morton said, "is to hear from players. So, I think if there's an interest in seeing more RTS games, sending that message to Blizzard would be a wonderful thing."

"I actually think there's a great opportunity there in the future, but yeah, we'll just have to see what the future holds," Dong added.

It seems clear the StarCraft 2 team is interested in creating a new entry in the series; Blizzard proper just needs to see the demand is there for such a project. One thing is for certain: if StarCraft fans weren't being loud enough about a third game before, they'll surely turn up the volume now.


Does Blizzard really need a StarCraft 3?

The real question is, does Blizzard even need a StarCraft 3? Or is the second game the last mainline StarCraft title we're ever going to see?

We've discussed at length why we believe StarCraft 3 isn't going to happen. The second game — now that it's free to play — is still very much viable. Expansions ensure players keep getting new StarCraft content without having to pony up for a whole new title. And the Legacy of the Void expansion in particular was a massive revamp; StarCraft 2 was practically a new game following its release.


Blizzard can likely keep StarCraft 2 going for as long as it wants. And as long as there's new content coming in, players will keep consuming it. It's the ideal model for the kind of game that, these days, exists in a somewhat niche genre. So while it's nice to hear the StarCraft 2 team expressing interest in StarCraft 3, you should temper your expectations.

We'll update you should we hear more about a potential third entry in the StarCraft series.