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Pokemon Sword And Shield's Leaked Starter Evolutions Are Really Weird

Over the weekend, there was a #pokemonleak that appeared to reveal what Sobble, Scorbunny, and Grookey evolve into. We're not entirely sure if these are truly what our cute little starters will become, but the leak seems more legit than the "confidential" paper prototypes that usually "leak" after a new Pokemon game is announced. This leak wasn't exactly a welcome one, either: no one seems happy with these newly revealed Pokemon. 


Sobble is a cute, crying water lizard that instantly charmed fans with his morose attitude (hashtag relatable, am I right kids?). According to a leak thread on ResetEra, Sobble will eventually evolve into Drizzile, and then Inteleon. Inteleon is worryingly humanoid with huge hands and a sassy look. This Pokemon is very reminiscent of last generation's Salazzle, with its lanky limbs and side-eye. 

Scorbunny also becomes more human as it evolves, evolving first into Raboot and then Cinderace, who kind of looks like an upright rabbit wearing shorts. Players aren't pleased with that one, either.

Grookey appears to be the only starter that fans can live with now. Grookey evolves into Thwackey and then Rillaboom, a giant gorilla with a giant drum. Rillaboom is the most similar to fan drawings that theorized what the starters may evolve into. Inteleon and Cinderace, though, are a far cry from the water dragon and super hero-esque designs first imagined by fans. The leaked evolutions were mercilessly dunked on following the reveal, with many people tweeting they may be forced to choose Grookey as their starter should the evolutions be accurate.


Many other Galar Pokemon were cataloged on ResetEra as well, including Galarian forms for Corsola, Mr. Mime, and what appears to be a creepy new version of Meowth. Wooloo and Yamper have evolved forms and fan-favorite Corviknight has some pretty adorable pre-evolved forms. Legendaries Zacian and Zamazenta also appear to have new, more casual forms. They aren't always decked out in golden armor, apparently. 

We'll have to wait for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield's official release on Nov. 15 to see if these leaks are real, or if they're an elaborate prank that we all fell for.