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Pokemon Sword And Shield Will Allow You To Carry All Your Pokemon With You

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are departing from the old, traditional ways of mainline Pokemon games and adding in quality of life improvements never before seen in the series. The latest news tells us that rather than scurrying to the nearest Pokemon Center, trainers will be able to switch out their teams anywhere and everywhere


According to a new trailer, players have new technology — probably that nifty Rotom smartphone — that allows them to carry every single Pokemon they catch with them, rather than just their six main team members. Getting tired of that Yamper? No worries, you can switch it out for your newly caught Polteageist on the fly. No longer will players have to hope to find a Pokemon Center with a PC in order to access the Boxes where Pokemon are sent. It's reminiscent of how now we have the internet on mobile, accessible anywhere at any time, rather than stationary PCs. 

This is a feature brought over from Let's Go Pikachu! And Let's Go Eevee!, the very first Pokemon games to come to the Nintendo Switch. These games were 3D remakes of Pokemon Yellow, and were made to be a little more user friendly than most mainline Pokemon games. Veteran trainers felt that the games were indeed too easy, perhaps insultingly so. And already there have been complaints that Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are taking the easy route, getting rid of many of the most challenging aspects of the games. Shiny hunting, for one thing, was insanely easy in the Let's Go! games as compared to the olden days of putting in hundreds and hundreds of hours for the sake of a shiny Ponyta


Another feature from Let's Go! that will be included in the new games is differently sized Exp. Candies. Rather than level Pokemon up in the way that Rare Candies do, these Exp. Candies will give Pokemon experience in varying increments. Very nearly got that Gyrados? Feed your Magikarp a few Exp. Candy XLs and watch the magic happen. 

The magic will be available when Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release on Nov. 15.