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Here's Why The Street Fighter X Mortal Kombat Crossover Never Happened

Want to see Ryu get his heart torn out? Capcom sure doesn't. That's why we won't be seeing a Street Fighter x Mortal Kombat crossover anytime soon. Recently, Capcom confirmed that there was an offer on the table to feature a Street Fighter character in NetherRealm's brutal fighting game, but the company turned it down. 


Capcom's Yoshi Ono explained in an interview with Eurogamer that while it wasn't his decision personally, Capcom as a whole decided that a Street Fighter x Mortal Kombat crossover just couldn't happen right now, saying that one major concern was licensing.

"There were many people at the company that felt that it wasn't a good fit for our characters," Ono said. "I actually met Ed [Boon] at the Brazil game show and spoke to him personally about it. So it's true – but I didn't make the decision!"

Ed Boon, Mortal Kombat's co-creator, is a big Street Fighter fan. He has said that he would love to have a crossover between the two games, but Capcom is a little more hesitant. After all, Mortal Kombat, its newest iteration in particular, is a tad bit darker than your average fighting game. Mortal Kombat revels in the most violent of fatalities, featuring ripped-out guts and glorious spurts of blood. Street Fighter, on the other hand, prefers more cartoony violence. Opponents are knocked down and maybe bloodied, but they get to keep all their internal organs. 


But if you want to see some of the internal organs of Street Fighter's roster (weirdo), then worry not, because there is hope for the future.

"We don't necessarily rule anything out," Ono clarified. "We've had our share of crossovers over the years - Marvel vs. CapcomTatsunoko vs. Capcom. From Ed Boon's side, they had Injustice that had various universes colliding. It didn't work out this time, but Capcom is interested in doing that kind of thing. If we can get something we feel good about, we could move quite quickly to make that happen."

Let's hope something like that comes along in the future.