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Fallout 1st Subscribers Have Created An 'Aristocracy'

Bethesda appeared to have messed up in a big way when it launched Fallout 1st, the insanely expensive subscription service for Fallout 76. For one, it didn't even work 100% of the time.  And Fallout 1st subscribers also reported that they were being bullied and targeted by other players who were angry with Bethesda over the launch of the service. The subscription's perks, emotes, and skins put a target on their backs, proclaiming that those paying for the service had "sold out" for all of post-apocalyptic West Virginia to see.


But Polygon has reported that subscribers have now banded together and have embraced their "superior" status as Fallout 1st subscribers. They are the Apocalyptic Aristocracy. And it sure sounds like they're having fun filling the role of Fallout 76's upper class.

One of the Aristocracy's founders, VectorZarak, said to Polygon, "There was a real change in the dynamic as people flooded in. The anti-subscription players had become very toxic, so much so that players could not even discuss the private servers or the bonuses that came with them without being insulted or yelled at. What started as a joke quickly turned into a safe haven, where players who had subscribed could openly discuss Fallout 1st topics without being attacked." Finally able to freely talk about Fallout 1st, the Aristocracy quickly took on the "elitist" tone they were said to have by non-paying players, who they began to call "peasants."


This was all meant to be in good fun — just memes and roleplaying — but some have said that Fallout 1st allows them to truly enjoy the game. Not all players have time to grind, and Fallout 1st makes it so that they can keep up with players who have ample free time. If it gives them an elitist reputation as well, so be it. One player added, "We're also definitely superior to the peasant class and we needed to band together to keep them off our slightly scorched front lawns."

The Apocalyptic Aristocracy plans to have exclusive events worthy of royalty, like red carpets, hunting parties, and duels. Right now, though, they are all about enjoying their heightened status and meme-ing on the peasants. Jokingly, of course.