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Happy N7 Day! BioWare Celebrates With Paid Cosmetics In Anthem

Today is Nov. 7, or N7 Day, a day that fans of Bioware's massively popular Mass Effect series have appropriated as a day of celebrating all things Mass Effect. BioWare got in on the festivities by adding in some new Mass Effect-themed cosmetics to Anthem. There are now four new Javelin skins based on each alien species from the games, a new wrap, and the Shepard Shuffle emote


For fans, this news might be more exciting if these cosmetics didn't come at a considerable price. Rather than being given as gifts in the spirit of N7 Day, the skins are priced at 61,000 coins. In IRL cash, they cost around $8. Want to be a Turian Ranger? A Storm Asari? An Interceptor Quarian or a Colossus Krogan? You'll have to fork over your money to do so. 

In response to BioWare's announcement on Twitter, many fans are appropriately amused by the awkward Shepard Shuffle, but many are also lamenting the fact that these skins come with a price tag. Anthem isn't exactly a fan favorite game to begin with. Although the game started production before Bungie's announcement, many felt that Anthem was a less successful Destiny knockoff, and that it doesn't really feel like a true, blue BioWare title. Where are all the romance options? The pithy dialogue? The immersive story? Despite the developer's best efforts, Anthem flopped, and to this day has a tiny, riffed-on player base. 


In other N7 Day news, Bioware is publishing a series of short videos featuring "members of the team." It's also giving out a pretty swank Mass Effect prize pack. To enter the giveaway, simply share your favorite Mass Effect moment on the Twitter thread. Maybe the paid skins weren't the best way to celebrate N7 Day, but reveling in some good old space nostalgia is.