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Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC Lets You Dress As A Maid And Go To The Sauna

Nintendo knows what its fans want. Despite favorable reviews all around, Fire Emblem: Three Houses had one glaring flaw that didn't sit right with players: you couldn't pet the cats and dogs. The game's campus is full of cute kitties and yet, we were unable to pet or play with them. Unacceptable. Thankfully, a new DLC has made it possible to give gifts to and feed these deserving cuties, among other things. 


The DLC has also added evening, summer, and most notably "servant" wear. Yes, you can dress your favorite characters up in maid or butler costumes. Fans have thoroughly enjoyed this little piece of fan service, decking out playable characters in refined ruffles and aprons. There's something satisfying about an anime girl with an oversized axe dressed in a stately, peach maid costume and players have taken to Twitter to gush about it. Good going, Nintendo. 

Another stellar addition to Three Houses is the ability to recruit the alluring Anna the Merchant after completing chapter three. She's a sly redhead with a knack for slashing prices and people. Don't get your hopes too high, however. While the DLC unlocks a new Anna-centric paralogue, you still can't romance the shrewd businesswoman. Oh well, there are plenty of other fish in the monastery


Ready to get steamy? You can now increase your bond with your students via a sweaty soak in the sauna. Sweating it out, but being careful not to overheat, will improve physical condition as well. You'll have to balance timing and the amount of steam in order to maintain an aura of utter relaxation. Leaving glowing and refreshed will see the protagonist and their guest improve on training and instruction. Again, before you get too excited, note that no one is naked in the sauna. 

This Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC is one built for fans who enjoy the finer things in life: cats, maid costumes, and saunas.