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British Tabloids Have No Sympathy For FaZe Jarvis

Ninja might've felt for FaZe Jarvis, a YouTuber recently banned for life from Fortnite for cheating. But the tabloids in Jarvis' own home country of England? They aren't so sympathetic.

British tabloids like the Daily Mail and the Sun are attacking Jarvis for monetizing his apology video, among other things. It is generally considered bad manners to monetize apology videos, and considering the traffic that his final Fortnite video got, it just may have made him a couple thousand dollars. As of this writing, his apology video has a whooping 9.5 million views. Consulting with media analysts, the Daily Mail estimates that Jarvis made a minimum of five figures from his cheating confession. Considering this, and his other avenues of income, the tabloids don't feel that Jarvis has anything to cry over despite his lifetime ban. 


The Daily Mail points out that he lives in an 11 million dollar mansion in Hollywood as part of his partnership with the lucrative FaZe Clan. Fans in the comments of his video point out that he shouldn't have been so surprised about his ban in the first place. Epic Games has, over and over again, made it very clear that cheaters never win. They are banned, sued, and — in some instances — forced to pay damages. 

While the Daily Mail and the Sun don't think that Jarvis will be hurting for cash anytime soon, multimillionaire Fortnite streamer extraordinaire Ninja worries that Epic was too harsh with Jarvis, saying, "There's a difference between a content creator who has millions of subscribers, who then gets banned from what makes him money, and some kid who is just a piece of s— who has zero followers, zero money from gaming and hacks."


So random kids should get banned, but those making money from cheating shouldn't? We're not sure we follow your logic there, Ninja.