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The Falconeer Soars Onto Xbox And PC In 2020

Publisher Wired Productions has revealed new details about The Falconeer ahead of its debut at XO19 later this week.

An aerial-combat centered RPG, The Falconeer takes place in a half-drowned world of warring factions, airships, and rising tides. As a "Falconeer," you'll take to the skies on your armed mount, evading enemy attacks as you search for the secrets hidden beneath the depths of the The Great Ursee. Your journey will take you to a number of bleak and mysterious locations, with each choice defining the type of Falconeer you'll become. Whether you serve a noble cause or personal gain, your experience will be unique.


"Using ranged weapons, the game still holds true to classic dogfighting mechanics but adds twists such as acrobatics and crazy line up of enemies to take on," explained developer Tomas Sala. "The story revolves around a singular conflict, but as a player you'll get to play and experience it from as many angles as you want, offering you access to all the factions involved."

You can check out The Falconeer's fluid combat, eye-catching open world, and majestic mounts in the new X019 Announcement Trailer. The video features actual in-game footage set to "Lift Me Up," a moody backtrack written and performed by Sherry Dyanne. 

"We're excited for fans to experience The Falconeer, a true gem that will set the bar for what indie developers can offer games," said Leo Zullo, managing director of Wired Productions. "From the beginning, we've been enamoured with this breath-taking aerial combat RPG, and are proud to be able to work collaboratively with Tomas, whose passion and talents can be seen in this beautiful and mesmerizing game."


Attendees at X019 in London will have the chance to experience The Falconeer's first playable demo. The title will make its official debut during the Microsoft fan event between November 14-16 before releasing on Xbox One and PC in 2020.