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Overwatch Awarding Rumored Dr. Ziegler Skin In Mercy's Recall Challenge

The doctor will see you now.

Players have a chance to claim the Mercy skin teased in the latest Overwatch short.

Valkyrie digs into Mercy's history as Dr. Angela Ziegler, detailing her time at an aid camp on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. The story references Sojourn, the first new character revealed for Overwatch 2. Soldier 76 and Ana also put in an appearance as Ziegler shows off her chops as a surgeon, combat medic, and pioneer in the field of nanobiology.


The short closes with an image of Mercy in rather traditional doctor attire, assuming you ignore the wings and armored combat heels. This shot quickly spawned rumors of a new skin, a promise Overwatch was quick to deliver on, kicking off a new in-game event centered on winning games and watching Overwatch streams on Twitch.

Titled Mercy's Recall Challenge, the limited-time event has lots of loot up for grabs. Win three games in Quick Play, Competitive, or the Overwatch Arcade to unlock a new player icon. Bump that up to six victories and you'll collect a pair of new sprays, with nine triumphs awarding the Dr. Ziegler legendary skin. 

For even more Mercy sprays, head on over to Twitch and settle in with participating Overwatch streamers. If your Twitch and Blizzard accounts are linked, you'll earn one spray for watching two hours of streaming, two sprays for four hours, and three sprays for six hours. Here's a full breakdown of all the prizes on offer:

  • Dr. Ziegler Player Icon (win three games)
  • Lab Coat & Evaluation Sprays (win six games)
  • Legendary Dr. Ziegler Mercy Skin (win nine games)
  • On the Clock Spray (watch two hours)
  • Healing Touch and Hanan Sprays (watch four hours)
  • Suit Fitting, Late Night, and Ascent Sprays (watch 6 hours)

Mercy's Recall Challenge runs from now through December 2.