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Here's Why #GameFreakLied Is Trending On Twitter

There is yet another hashtag about the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield trending on Twitter. Rather than a fond thank you for all the work devs have put in over the years, #GameFreakLied is an expression of outrage and anger. According to modders who allegedly got their hands on the games before release, the models used for Pokemon are not brand new, but rather, are recycled from previous titles. This is a direct contradiction to Game Freak's statement that all the models would be brand new, made from scratch.


The models aren't new — so what? Fans are upset for several reasons. First, fans had already been speculating that the models were recycled. It seems especially weird, and more than a little backhanded, for Game Freak to deny this if it was actually true. It's lying. Second, this only served to inflame the controversy surrounding yet another Sword and Shield-related hashtag, #BringBackNationalDex. Unlike previous titles, the upcoming games will not feature the whole library of Pokemon. Only about half of the 800-some Pokemon will be available in the games, meaning than many fan favorites will be excluded. If Game Freak was just reusing assets, why couldn't the studio include these Pokemon in the games? 


Basically, today's controversy comes down to this: while there is nothing wrong with reusing or recycling assets, fans feel that there is something deeply wrong with lying about it. Game Freak hyped up Sword and Shield, but the games look mighty lackluster in the face of this news. On top of all this, as more gameplay comes out, it has become clear that the graphics aren't the greatest. The Wild Area looks nothing like Breath of the Wild; rather, it looks like something out of a 2010 title. And those new animations to go with the new models that Game Freak promised? Conspicuously missing. Yikes. 

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield launch Nov. 15. Players will really get to see then if #GameFreakLied.