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Bad North: Jotunn Edition Is The Next Epic Games Store Freebie

Bad North: Jotunn Edition, the real-time tactics roguelite from Plausible Concept and Raw Fury, is the latest title to join the Epic Games Store's Free Games Collection.

The king is dead, long live the king. 


Following the murder of your father at the hands of Viking invaders, it falls to you to lead your rag-tag subjects in a fighting retreat across a series of procedurally-generated islands. You'll encounter nobles and commoners alike during your exodus, all people you can recruit to your cause; in the fight for survival, a single unit could spell the difference between life and death.

The Jotunn Edition adds a variety of content to the base game, including new gameplay elements and systems. You can select and start with commanders, and choose hero traits for each commander that bestow a unique attribute. Four new items and a new enemy type add more variety while the implementation of a meta progression system lets you start new campaigns with items, traits, and other advantages unlocked during previous playthroughs. 


Plausible Concept also smoothed out some of the game's rough edges. Gold is now shared among all units instead of tallied per unit. Checkpoint islands allow you to save your progress during a campaign instead of starting all the way back at the beginning. Upcoming islands display enemy types and archers have received a buff. Players looking for an extra challenge can also take on the Very Hard difficulty setting after completing a Hard campaign.

PC Gamer awarded Bad North a 78/100 following the game's release in 2018. "If you can stomach the harsh consequences for failure then Bad North is a great little strategy game, perfect for playing on a break or in short bursts," wrote reviewer Sam Greer. "I keep restarting in spite of the failures and the resets, so that probably speaks volumes for how compelling it is."

You can download Bad North: Jotunn Edition for free on the Epic Games Store between November 21 and November 28.