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Bleeding Edge March 2020 Release Date Confirmed

Bleeding Edge, the online brawler from Hellblade developer Ninja Theory, made its debut at E3 earlier this year. Microsoft shared more information about the upcoming title during the opening ceremonies of XO19, introducing a new fighter, the latest trailer, and confirming the leaked release date from earlier in the day.


The multiplayer throws you into chaotic 4v4 matches with an emphasis on strategic combat. Coordinate with your team to unleash devastating synergized attacks ranging from mind control and time manipulation to riding missiles and completing electrifying guitar solos. 

Hundreds of cybernetic mods allow you to tailor your build to best suit your playstyle, all earnable through gameplay. You can also customize your fighter's hoverboard with unique cosmetics, ensuring you look fabulous as you navigate the game's treacherous terrain.

Ninja Theory has unveiled 11 of the Bleeding Edge fighters, the latest of which made her presence known during the Release Date trailer. Cass, a hybrid assassin rated at maximum difficulty, draws on her history as a ballerina, dancing across the battlefield on her cybernetic legs. Cass fled to America after spending the last 14 years as a Russian intelligence operative. Her abilities center on the heightened reflexes, agility and sensory processing bestowed upon her by her father's bio-tech experiments.


"Her life was no longer hers, and when her Mother came to pass, she was given a gift of clarity," explains Cass's official character description. "She would take back her stolen life, and flee to America, to find family within the Bleeding Edge."

Bleeding Edge comes to Xbox One and PC on March 24, 2020. Anyone who pre-orders or plays via Xbox Game Pass within a week of launch will receive the exclusive Punk Pack containing 3 skins (Punk Rock Niđhöggr, Butterpunk Buttercup, Outrider ZeroCool), 3 taunts, a sticker pack, and the Rioter's Hoverboard. Xbox Game Pass subscribers and early adopters will also gain access to the two upcoming closed betas scheduled for February 14 and March 13.