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The One Call Of Duty Mission We Still Hate

The Call of Duty franchise has brought many difficult and sometimes heart-wrenching missions into our lives. While completing harder levels often leads to a feeling of greater satisfaction, not all missions are made the same. One mission in particular will forever remain burned in our memories. This is the Call of Duty mission we still hate.


In Call of Duty 4, there's an extra mission you can play at the end of the campaign. If you beat the game and watch all of the credits, you can unlock the "Mile High Club" mission. Alternately, if you don't want to sit through the credits, you can enter a cheat code on the main menu to unlock the level. 

In "Mile High Club," you play as an unnamed task force operative who needs to find a hostage within a set amount of time aboard a double-decked airplane. When playing on Veteran mode, you only get 1 minute to complete your objective, a nearly impossible feat considering the hordes of enemies you need to get through.

Upon finding the hostage, you discover the antagonist using them as human shield, forcing you to take careful aim to kill the enemy without shooting the hostage. You're only given 5 seconds to do this. If you play on Veteran mode, you can only shoot the enemy in the head as they hide behind the hostage, greatly limiting your options. 


The timer put on this level adds a layer of stress that lessens your ability to enjoy the mission itself. This, coupled with the fact that there are many ways to instantly fail, makes it even more tedious. Granted, playing "Mile High Club" on any mode besides Veteran does make it much easier. Even playing in the easier modes leaves you racing against the clock and you still have a limited window of opportunity to save the hostage. The level also restricts you to using firearms and flashbangs. 

If you'd like to preserve your memory of Call of Duty 4, you may want to skip the "Mile High Club" mission altogether. Unless you're a glutton for punishment and enjoy having to play the same level over and over again. If that's the case, then set your difficulty to Veteran mode and have at it!