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2019 Streamer Of The Year Revealed

At the 2019 Esports Awards last night, one streamer was recognized above all others as Streamer of the Year. On the honey yellow stage in Arlington, Texas, the mayor of the city handed over the trophy to none other than Guy "Dr. Disrespect" Beahm himself, who was there in his usual sunglasses, mullet, and headset. 


Other nominees included Shroud, Tfue, Ninja, Courage, Nickmercs, Timthetatman, Pokimane, Alanzoka, and finally, Gotaga. It wasn't as if there weren't other deserving streamers, but Dr. Disrespect was ultimately chosen. After some confusion as to how to mount the stage, the Doc handed out some verbal "firm handshakes" to the folks hosting the awards ceremony, his business partner, his team, and all the other nominees. He gave a special shout out to his wife, for calming him down when he comes "heated off of Modern Warfare." Ah, the life of a streamer. 

The hosts of the awards show prefaced this award by noting the intense dedication it takes to be a streamer these days: long hours, focus, and a willingness to constantly entertain. There can be no doubt that Dr. Disrespect is the epitome of a dedicated streamer, putting in long hours of intense gameplay. But this award might come as a surprise, considering that this has been yet another year of controversy for Dr. Disrepect. 


The Doc found himself temporarily banned from Twitch after live streaming from a TwitchCon bathroom earlier this year. He only made things worse for his public image when he attacked a Kotaku journalist for reporting on it. This comes after the 2017 confession that the Doc had been cheating on his wife. After that bomb dropped, he took a break from streaming before returning to his usual overconfident antics that bring in the views. It seems that bad press just can't stick to the Doc. 

Last year, Ninja won the coveted Streamer of the Year award, to no one's surprise. He's kind of a big deal, too.