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Hidden Areas You Completely Missed In Borderlands 3

Developer Gearbox Software created a massively popular series with its Borderlands games, which is why fans were so excited for the fourth title in the series, Borderlands 3. The over-the-top guns, huge and picturesque locations, and compelling story gave fans everything they were hoping for in the latest installment. And while most players have spent the majority of their Borderlands 3 time completing missions and getting through the main story, there are some gamers who decided to go off the beaten path. 


In a game as large as Borderlands 3, it only makes sense that you could easily pass over some of the more secluded or hidden locations. This is especially true when these locations aren't necessarily vital to the main story. Without a reason to go out of your way on any given map, most gamers won't find these hidden gems. But a group of dedicated players have found quite a few hidden areas that you completely missed in Borderlands 3.

Here are some of our favorites. 

A hidden roller coaster in Splinterlands

A roller coaster isn't necessarily an out-of-place item in a Borderlands game. But what is unexpected is the fact that game developers created such a large and interactive optional mini game without any guarantee that gamers would ever find it. 


To say this roller coaster is off the beaten path is a bit of an understatement. Located in the barren expanse of the Splinterlands, this hidden roller coaster isn't part of any main story mission. In fact, it isn't part of any side mission either. The roller coaster sits in the middle of the desert, and while it isn't hidden, it's far from anywhere you'd be for your quests.

If you board the cart and shoot the switch to start the roller coaster, though, you can shoot targets along the track as you ride and get a red chest at the end. Not bad.

The Jakobs Estate secret bookshelf room

While completing the Lair of the Harpy mission in the Jakobs Estate, players will find a bookshelf that blocks they way into a secret room. It's obvious that some sort of puzzle needs to be solved in order to gain access to the secret room, but many players have had a hard time figuring out exactly what they needed to do. In fact, most players have took to the internet to solve the puzzle.


The skull bookcase in the Archives can be opened by activating a series of objects within the Jakobs Estate. As detailed in this walkthrough video from Gosunoob, you'll first need to move the painting of Aurelia on the east side of the manor. Once you've done this, you'll need to interact with a bust of a bearded man that's hiding a button underneath it. After that, you can spin the bookshelf that is found in Monty's Den and head back to the skull bookshelf. This series of activities should enable players to open the bookshelf hiding the secret room.

Though the rewards may not be as incredible as you'd think, given all the fuss it takes to open the door, it's still nice to be able to say you've found a room that many players will never see.


Secret room full of eridium

Eridium is a valuable resource in Borderlands 3. You can use it in Moxxi's eridium slot machines to get yourself upgraded weapons that will greatly help you as you try to win boss fights. But it can be a tricky substance to obtain. Luckily, YouTuber Glitching Queen found a room that constantly regenerates a large amount of eridium every time you boot the game back up. 


The process of finding the room takes a bit of time, but using a few tricks can help you spawn nearby to take full advantage of the secret room. Located in the Carnivora map, players will actually want to enter the location by first loading into the Guts of Carnivora map and backtracking from there. After that, you can access a New-U station and easily get to the eridium-filled room. This technique is even faster if you also have a vehicle to shuttle your character to the room.

After sliding under the door, you'll find several eridium nodes that can be crushed to collect the resource. And the best part of this secret room is that, every time you log back in, the eridium will be replenished.

Mouthpiece secret room

The Holy Broadcast Center holds a secret that many Borderlands fans are dying to understand. There's an area on the map that seems to be inaccessible no matter what you do. And this mystery has been driving gamers crazy. After you defeat the boss Mouthpiece, you'll have access to a room with an organ. Beyond that room, you'll be able to see another room on your map that you can't seem to access. That's because, at this point in the game, you're not allowed inside of the room.


This is what initially has many gamers puzzled. Because they're unable to access the room upon first encountering it, many forget to check it once they revisit the site later in the game.

After you defeat New Mouthpiece further down the road in the campaign, you can once again enter the room that holds the organ. By interacting with the organ, the room that was previously inaccessible is now open to you. And inside of this secret room you'll find a red chest. Though it takes a bit of effort to access the hidden room, it's well worth it in the end.