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Blair Witch Headed To PS4 With Gameplay And Technical Enhancements

Blair Witch, the psychological horror survival game from Bloober Team, is on its way to PlayStation 4.

The title, which draws on the lore established in the Blair Witch film series, launched on Xbox One and PC back in August to mixed reviews. While filled with plenty of scares, many found the story flat and the exploration tedious. This culminates in an ending that has divided critics, with some praising the twists and ambiguity and others pegging it as predictable and unfinished. A host of bugs and performance issues as plagued the game at release, rendering it unplayable for some.


"In many ways, this Blair Witch horror game is every bit as terrifying as you might be expecting," wrote Eurogamer's Vikki Blake. "Though its lack of polish, pacing problems, and predictable story make it difficult to recommend unreservedly, Blair Witch is nonetheless packed with a number of successful scares and memorable set-pieces that draw admirably on the franchise's lore – and oh, do I love that dog."

According to a press release, the PlayStation 4 version will come with "gameplay and technical enhancements," including PlayStation 4 Pro support. You'll also receive the Good Boy Pack, allowing you to customize Bullet, your canine companion, using animations and skins. Hopefully, this emphasis on Bullet means Bloober Team has fixed the serious issues that plagued his mechanics at launch. The Good Boy Pack also includes more in-game cellphone games and wallpapers. Beyond this, there's little difference between the PlayStation version and what you'll find on the original platforms.


Blair Witch comes to the PlayStation Store on December 3. A physical release will follow at a later date. Xbox One and PC players will have the opportunity to purchase the Good Boy Pack from their respective virtual storefronts the same day the PS4 version goes live.