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Dead By Delight Cursed Legacy DLC To Add New Survivor, Killer, And More

Behaviour Interactive has unveiled the next chapter for Dead by Daylight. The Cursed Legacy DLC comes to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One this December and will introduce a new survivor, killer, and map.


The Oni, the new killer joining the roster, boasts flowing white hair and demonic features. The being's design compliments the traits typically associated with its namesake. In Japanese folklore, oni belong to a supernatural class of monsters called yōkai. Most depictions paint oni as hulking and troll-like with horns, fangs, and red, blue, or green skin, all of which fits the terrifying figure Behaviour just introduced.

"Vigilante street racer" Kimura Yui speeds onto the scene as Dead by Daylight's latest survivor. The Oni picks up Kimura's scent after she unwittingly stumbles into the Entity's realm. The survivor will debut alongside a new map, the ominously-named Sanctum of Wrath. Cursed Legacy will also expand on The Spirit's origins in a new storyline that places her samurai ancestor, Yamaoka Kazan, front and center.


Dead by Daylight launched all the way back in 2016 to mixed reviews. The survival horror title drew praise for its asymmetrical multiplayer, jump scares, and unforgettable tension; unfortunately, many of its gameplay mechanics and systems felt unfinished, preventing it from truly shining. A slew of patches, updates, and new content have since helped give Dead by Daylight the polish it needed.

Dead by Daylight: The Cursed Legacy will launch at some point next month. The new DLC is not the only treat on the way this holiday season. The Dead By Daylight: Nightmare Edition hits retailers on December 10, bundling the base game, The Curtain Call Chapter, Shattered Bloodline Chapter, the Headcase Cosmetic Pack, Stranger Things, The 80's Suitcase add-on, The Bloodstained Sack add-on, The of Flesh and Mud add-on, and The Spark of Madness add-on.