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Death Stranding Patch Will Prevent Vehicles From Blocking Other Players

Death Stranding aims to promote a sort of invisible togetherness. You forge bonds with players through the structures they build and the traces of their travels they leave behind, even though you never meet them face to face. Unfortunately, some players are exploiting the game's social features in order to mess with others.


The good news is, there's a patch on the way to address this.

In case you missed it, players using vehicles to block doorways and roadways is an issue in Death Stranding. If you aren't equipped to blow these vehicles sky high, you're basically out of luck when it comes to making progress. Kojima Productions, however, plans to issue an update in the middle of this month that will enable you to "dispose of individual vehicles." This means abandoned (or stranded, heh) vehicles will no longer prevent you from visiting Conan O'Brien's character, The Cosplayer. And they certainly won't be blocking the one road you can take over that otherwise impassable canyon; at least, not in a way that you can't fix.


We shouldn't be surprised that players are giving others a hard time in Death Stranding, as this occurs in a whole bunch of other connected titles, too. If a few awful players have an opportunity to make life miserable for others, they're likely going to take it. It feels particularly ironic in the case of this particular game, which enables players to dole out likes to other players for their helpfulness. But hey — Kojima wanted to bring people together with Death Stranding, and in a way, he did. Players who are sick of being griefed are now celebrating in unison, grateful that the days of obnoxiously placed vehicles are numbered.

Death Stranding is out now on PlayStation 4. You can read what the critics thought of Hideo Kojima's latest game here.