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Baby Yoda Gets The Video Game Treatment

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you have probably noticed that "Baby Yoda" is a pretty big deal. This tiny, wide-eyed baby alien is from the new Disney+ series The Mandalorian, and has managed to charm the titular Mandalorian and the whole of the internet too. Now, one man has taken it upon himself to add this tiny tyke into Minecraft


Reddit user Miles_Playz_on_YT posted a funky fresh video starring Baby Yoda rendered in blocky glory. In the world of Minecraft, this little Jedi Master does what he does best: Baby Yoda blinks, uses the Force to lift up enemies, and... blinks. Admittedly, we haven't seen Baby Yoda do much else in The Mandalorian. He's just a baby, after all. But he apparently packs a serious punch when he wants to. In this pseudo-trailer, we watch as a zombie is lifted high into the air, Baby Yoda's eyes closed in concentration. The Force is evidently strong with Minecraft Baby Yoda, because the zombie starts taking damage. 

In the Reddit post that premiered Baby Yoda's video game treatment, Miles_Playz_on_YT said the little guy will likely be an ally rather than a pet. So if you have a skeleton (or a Mudhorn) coming after you, Baby Yoda can give a helping hand (or claw?). Miles_Playz_on_YT made our newfound friend from scratch, with no mods or resource packs used; just good old fashioned command block. This means that getting a Baby Yoda for yourself will require a data pack download, so this bite-sized Jedi will only be available on Java versions of Minecraft. Sorry, console players. 


Miles_Playz_on_YT isn't quite done coding Baby Yoda. As of right now, the child can't look up and doesn't yet follow players around. But Baby Yoda will hopefully be available for download later this week, if everything goes well.

And yes, he does drink soup.